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When Jonny and I first moved into our current apartment a little over two years ago, we needed to pretty much “make over” the entire place. Everything in the apartment had been neglected so we were in charge of making it look amazing. Through hard work, determination, and many late nights, we were able to finally call our apartment “home.” However, while I still love our apartment, I am starting to get the itch to redecorate. Jonny thinks that I’m crazy because we put in so much hard work not that long ago, but what can I say, I love changing it up! Most of what I have talked about here on the blog are topics related to style and beauty. Many of you probably don’t know that I also love home design. I try not to go into many home design stores because I know that I will walk out with a couple of new items and a burning desire to make over my entire place. One specific project that I am dying to do is a bedroom makeover. We are lucky to get a great deal of natural light in our apartment, which gives us many more decorating options. Currently, our walls in our bedroom are a gorgeous purple color that we discussed in great detail before we were able to both agree on it. However, I am now thinking that I want to replace our current color with a deep navy blue to add a touch more drama to the room. For accent colors, I am thinking whites, grays, and golds. Just talking about it makes me want to decorate!
Here is a picture of our current bedroom (sorry, it’s not the greatest picture): bedroom
…and here is what I wished it looked like now:
bedroom blue
bedroom blue 2
bedroom blue 3
bedroom 4
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Bumma
    January 30, 2014 / 6:37 pm

    Luv the navy blue color…all walls with white ceiling/trim or just one navy wall? I think you have enough light to support all navy w/white. Really a huge change, but really striking.

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