My Boba-versary

You guys, I was so busy celebrating my wedding anniversary that I forgot to tell you that it’s also my Boba Guys Boba-versary! This might seem a little silly to some, but Boba Guys has become more than just a tea shop to me. I’ve actually gotten to know the owners (hi, Andrew and Bin!) and I’ve even become friends with some of their incredible team (I know you’re reading this, Monica! Love ya girl!) over the past year. Learning more about this incredible company has made me feel even more connected to them. Their commitment to not only bringing the best boba tea to the Bay Area and their intense love of bringing all different types of communities together is inspiring. I feel like this just does not happen often in businesses so it’s refreshing to see passionate people doing business RIGHT.
Okay, so want to hear the story of when I first tried Boba Guys? Here goes. It was the week of our wedding. It was 100 + degrees outside and I was running around OUTSIDE to try and get all of our very last minute wedding details done before we packed everything up and drove to Park Winters. I was literally dripping sweat as I was carrying all my bags (why oh WHY did I choose to walk that day?!) and all of a sudden I saw the Boba Guys sign off Valencia St. I had heard of Boba Guys before but just hadn’t been able to find time to make it in. Well, I walked right in (there was no line!) and ordered my first EVER boba tea. Can you believe I had never tried it before that day? With how obsessed with it I am now, it’s kind of hard to even imagine life without it. Anyway, I ordered an iced Coconut Green Tea with “Tapioca Balls” (that’s before I knew that those were called “boba.” What a rookie!) and it was love at first sip. I’ve been obsessively going back ever since!
I may have changed my favorite drink (my regular is ice matcha latte with oat milk, boba, and no sweetness) but my love of Boba Guys has not weakened. In fact, the more I get to know their team and their incredible dedication to their craft, the more I love them. Boba Guys even brought me to Outside Lands with them to help promote them and I felt so honored. I can’t really describe how great it feels to have a mutual friendship with a company I stand 100% behind, both in product and in practice. Love you, Boba Guys!

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