Jigsaw London x WFB

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Outfit Details | Sweater (Jigsaw London), Dress (H&M), Shoes (Seychelles), Purse (Clare V.), Sunglasses (Karen Walker).

After a rainy weekend in the Bay Area, it sure started to feel like fall and this girl was jumping for joy! I even started rearranging my closet so that my fall and winter pieces would be front and center. One piece that I cannot live without in the fall and winter is an amazing turtleneck. There is something so chic and understated about a turtleneck and I love layering them under EVERYTHING. I am very happy to be partnering with one of my favorite blog partners (hi, Jigasw London!) to bring you one of there newest winter arrivals: the silk cotton polo neck sweater. First of all, how chic and unique (I’m a rhymer, y’all!) is this mauvey purply color? I’m in love with it, especially since I think it will pair with so many things in my closet. Second of all, this sweater is insanely soft (nothing is worse than wearing a piece that makes you scratch at your neck all day). Finally, the fit is incredible. Not too tight and not too loose, which means I don’t always have to layer it under something! Hellooooooooo, versatility! Don’t forget to check out all of Jigsaw London’s new arrivals and if you’re like me, you’ll want absolutely EVERYTHING.

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