One Plaid Skirt, Three Different Ways.


Outfit #1

Sweater (Zara, old but love this one), Skirt (Topshop via Nordstroms), Shoes (See By Chloe via Anthropologie, old), Belt (Anthropologie, old but similar here), Sunglasses (Karen Walker), Rings (Etsy), Lipstick (YSL Glossy Stain #16).

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Outfit #2

Top (Joie, via eBay), Skirt (Topshop via Nordstroms, also love this one), Blazer (H&M, old but love this one), Shoes (J Crew, similar), Necklace (J Crew, sold out but in love with this one), Sunglasses (Karen Walker), Rings (Etsy), Lipstick (YSL Glossy Stain #16).

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Outfit #3

Top (Madewell, similar), Vest (Trouve via Nordstroms (ON SALE!), Skirt (Topshop via Nordstroms), Scarf (Gap, similar), Boots (J Crew, similar), Sunglasses (Karen Walker), Rings (Etsy), Lipstick (YSL Glossy Stain #16).

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I was inspired to do this post based on people seeking tips on how to put outfits together. To be honest, I will often just stand in front of my closet and impulsively pick what feels right in that moment. Other times, I will lay in bed before I fall asleep for the night and run through a list of possible outfits in my head. On school nights, my mom always taught me to lay out my outfits the night before. Sometimes this works, but most of the time I use elements of what I had laid out and add new pieces as I’m getting dressed. I picked up this plaid Topshop skirt for quite the steal and have been brainstorming ways to wear it ever since. Many people might shy away from mixing patterns, especially when one of those patterns is plaid, but I actually thought that this skirt’s colors were a perfect foundation for other textures. As an added bonus, this skirt is SO comfortable, thanks to the stretchy material, and I am convinced that it would work on many different body types.

For Outfit #1, I paired the skirt with one of my favorite chunky knit sweaters. When I first started thinking about this look, I knew that I wanted to pair the figure-hugging skirt with something a little heavier and voluminous (hello to my favorite Zara peplum sweater!). The black and white knit offsets the red and green colors of the skirt quite nicely but really, when do black and white not make an outfit look incredibly chic?! I paired the sweater with a bow belt to add more definition to my waist and give the peplum a little more oomph. Finally, I added my See By Chloe booties that I purchased a couple of years ago. Adding these booties seemed iffy at first (I’m a little self-conscious in booties when I wear skirts or dresses because some can make my legs look short), but they ended up pulling the whole look together for a fun and festive holiday outfit that I could actually stay warm in.

Outfit #2 was imagined as a dressier outfit for holiday parties and/or work events. Since the skirt is high waisted, I wanted to incorporate the “crop top” trend that has been sweeping fashion circles since last spring and summer. This Joie lace top is not a true crop top (i.e. it does not expose skin), but it is more cropped than I would usually prefer my tops to be, especially since I have a long torso. However, the sophisticated detailing of the scalloped lace with the bold plaid print of the skirt seem to be a match made in style heaven! Since the top is a little looser near the bottom, it creates an interesting shape when it falls against the snug skirt. I also like that the vibrant colors of the skirt seem to peak through the delicate spaces in the lace. I believe that this makes the entire look more interesting without exposing too much. To complete the look, I threw on a peplum blazer, a gold geometric necklace, and my trusted leopard pumps, which act as a neutral alongside the skirt.

Outfit #3 is the most casual look out of the three. Walking around San Francisco is no easy task. Us city girls know that a good pair of flat leather boots, a knitted scarf, and a wool vest will help ease the transition from fall to winter and will also be more realistic when walking up the hills of SF. For this look, I wanted to incorporate more layers to illustrate that this skirt still looks amazing even when it’s layered under a few other items. This wool vest was such a great investment piece because it literally goes with everything and can be layered under any coat or jacket. It is lightweight, but not flimsy as it keeps me pretty warm in cooler weather. Plus, the leather panels on the backside and on the shoulders add some of that edginess that I love to incorporate into my looks. Also, the black and white striped top is a fun addition to this outfit. I mean, that bow on the back is just so adorable! Just like my leopard shoes, I find that striped t-shirts also tend to be pretty neutral and can be paired with so many different patterns.

My closing advice to my lovely readers would be to experiment with all different shapes, textures, and patterns. It took me quite awhile to develop an eye for mixing patterns, but once you do, the possibilities are endless. Keep trying. You may be surprised with what you put together.

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