A Fairmont Princess Moment


I have always wanted to shoot in this part of the San Francisco. Nob Hill is such a classic part of the city and houses some of the most prestigious hotels. Plus, the views from the top of Nob Hill are absolutely incredible. There’s just something magical about this little slice of SF heaven. You feel like you are on top of the world and during the holidays, each hotel and business goes all out with their decorations. You can’t help but get into the holiday spirit when you visit. Unfortunately, parking is a real issue due to all of the hotels and holiday attractions (there’s a two story gingerbread house in the Fairmont lobby that is a MUST see) so I’ve always shied away from shooting there. It honestly gave me anxiety just thinking about finding parking as finding a good parking spot is a must for me during blog shoots since I change in my car. However, my dream team, which consisted of Jonny and Shannon, made it work and it was SO worth it. Jonny ended up driving me into the city so that I wouldn’t have to find parking (bless him) and Shannon took the most amazing photos that it really made the entire shoot feel magical even though I was sweating and stressed the entire time. There’s just a classic feel to this part of the city, which makes this location feel really special and simultaneously speaks to my old soul. I knew that I had to wear something epic to shoot in front of the Fairmont and this Zimmermann dress certainly fit the bill. I have been drooling over this dress for awhile but could not stomach the price tag so in true Tamryn fashion, I found the dress on eBay for a small fraction of the price. I was so excited when it finally arrived and could not wait to show it off to you guys. Really, this piece does not disappoint. It’s ethereal and dreamy and everything in between. I just love how it moves. It honestly feels like a classic piece that could’ve been worn in the 1950’s but has modern elements, like the bows and the deep V in the front and back, that really make for the perfect show stopping dress. BRB, I’m going to be busy scheming how I can wear this dress every week.

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