Big Coat For a Big World

Why do special pieces give me that ooey-gooey butterflies in my stomach?! It’s so weird to say that an inanimate object like a piece of clothing but it really is true. Whenever I find a piece I know I’m going to have for a long time and one that feels special for my own personal style, I can’t help but get a rush. It’s like I know I’m making the right decision. There have even been times when I know I “shouldn’t” buy something because it would put me over my monthly shopping budget (thanks, Jonny *EYE ROLL*) but those types of pieces don’t come around very often so they are worth the “risk.” The funny thing, that butterfly feeling is correct 99.9% of the time. This Ganni coat was one of those feelings. I saw it. I got the feeling. I bought it. When it arrived, it was too big, but I saw it’s potential. I took it to a master tailor and now that coat fits me exactly how I knew it would and you know what? It’s perfect. My magical shopping feeling never steers me wrong. Unless it’s those True Religion low rise jeans with the button pockets and crazy stitching that I swore would be in style forEVER.

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