Brady’s Nursery Reveal

When we first started envisioning Brady’s nursery room, we knew one thing for sure. We wanted it to be a gender neutral space. Even before we found out we were having a boy, we would’ve created the same type of space for a girl because we both really love a gender neutral feel for a baby’s room. We also knew that we didn’t want it to feel too “baby” and look more like another room in our home with a similar mid century modern vibe. I did a lot of Pinterest-ing to gather inspiration for Brady’s room and we ended up piecing together what we were we inspired by to create his cozy room. Overall, we kept it pretty simple and clean with neutral tones and moody colors. We kept the same dark gray color that we used when this was our guest bedroom and added a fun diagonal color split feature on the crib wall to add a bit of whimsy to the nursery. This might be my very favorite part of the room and feel like it will mature nicely alongside Brady as he gets older. We also kept the macrame light that I made at Mission Loft (you can buy them on their website) and it has been the perfect light for changing Brady’s diapers in the middle of the night, not too bright, not too dim. One of the things that we struggled with the most was selecting a rocking chair. Jonny and I are both tall people (he’s 6’5″ and I’m 5’10”) so we needed a rocking chair with a tall back. This was the one that I kept coming back to because it not only fit that corner really well but gave the room a modern feel without compromising style and comfort. Both Jonny and I fit really well in the chair and it’s VERY comfortable, well worth the splurge (why are rocking chairs SO expensive?!). At the moment, Brady is sleeping in our room and probably will for the first 5-6 months of his life, but it felt so nice to have this room finished by the time he arrived. I hope Brady loves this cozy space as much as we do!

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