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Friends, I am so excited to introduce you to an amazing company that I had the pleasure of collaborating with for this post AND my Lyon + Post  x WFB post on Monday. This amazing company is called Breather and they are absolutely wonderful.

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Breather is a company that was born to help introduce people just like you me to their quiet and perfectly decorated spaces to rent for hours at a time. Do you work around annoying coworkers that won’t stop talking? Do you ever find that you just need a break from your every day routine to get some work done? Do you just like hanging out in an amazing space for an hour to watch your guilty pleasure TV shows? If you answered “yes!” to any of the above questions, you are going to fall in love with Breather just as much as I have.

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When I first saw Breather’s gorgeous website, I just knew that their spaces were going to be incredible. I was 100% right because I spent over an hour trying to choose one space because they are all THAT good. After I browsed the site, I downloaded their app and went from there. Let me be totally honest with you for a sec. I’m not a big time app girl. I have my apps that I use everyday but I usually don’t like to download new apps, especially if I can access the same information on a website. The Breather app is not only equally as beautiful to their website, but their app is so intuitive and easy to use. Woah, woah. I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Let me tell you about my entire process from start to finish.

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When you finally find the most perfect space for you, you log-in on Breather’s app and select the space. For me, I knew that I was going to be shooting blog photos in the space so I wanted a lot of natural light, a great deal of open space, and some amazing room texture. I ended up choosing a pretty large space with the most beautiful exposed brick walls. Honestly guys, I wish this was my apartment in real life. So, choose your space and then select how much time you want to use it for. When the day finally comes to step foot inside your Breather oasis, Breather sends you a key code to punch in on arrival. No need to drive halfway across town to pick up a key or wait for someone to let you in. Breather has YOU in mind and makes the entry process as easy as possible (thank you!).

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Once you’re in, admire your amazing space. Not only has Breather thought of every little thing you might need (tootsie rolls! Signs that hold all the info you will ever need, like wifi! Thermostat controls! The ability to buzz someone up! Bottled water!) but the entire place is decorated with amazing furniture. The space I used had an incredible leather chair that I desperately wanted to take home with me and a conference table that could seat up to 20 people. I also had the choice to use their flat screen TV that came equipped with Apple TV! Breather honestly cares about their customer and it shows in all the small details they provide.

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Breather wants you to feel completely comfortable in your chosen space because that’s their entire motivation behind their company. The spaces don’t feel like corporate offices even though they could host business meetings. The spaces feel unique, fun, and even peaceful. For me, using the space as a way to change up my blog photo routine was awesome and I could definitely see myself using a Breather space again, especially if the weather is crappy.

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For now, Breather has spaces to rent for as low as $30/hour in San Francisco, NYC, Boston, Montreal, and Ottawa but this company is so committed to their idea that I have a feeling you’ll see them pop up in more cities over the next couple years. If you live in one of the cities that is lucky enough to have Breather spaces, make sure to check them out. I guarantee you will LOVE your space.

Thank you to Breather for collaborating with WFB for this post.

All photography by Molly Choma (


  1. bumma
    November 13, 2015 / 7:25 am

    What an amazing post! This space is absolutely gorgours and the idea that one can “rent” if for an hour, or hours, for business or a simple temporary oasis, or whatever, is a revolution! What? No more corporate meeting at a Motel 6 conference room????? Yay!!!!!! Well done Breather – And Ms Molly, your photo lay-out is AWESOME. Beautiful photography…..An all together terrific Blog….Thank you

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