Christmas Blazer


It wouldn’t be the holiday season without a cheery holiday blazer, amiright?! I typically don’t wear a ton of red. For some reason, I never know if it’s flattering on me or not so I don’t really reach for red pieces in my closet even though I really love the color. Anyway, when Veronica Beard sent me this gorgeous red blazer in the mail, it had me rethink my shyness around such a bold color and I decided to rock it with a few other holiday layers. I mean, if you can’t wear red during the holidays, when CAN you wear it? Also, while we are talking about blazers, I wanted to share something funny with you. If you have been following me for awhile, then you know that I blazers are probably my number one wardrobe staple. I wear them year round, with jeans, with dresses, with skirts, and everything else so my blazer wardrobe is quite large. Lately, at events or through friends, I have been told that my WFB readers are starting to dress like me based on the style inspo I document on this blog and through my social channels. The number one item my readers wear when channeling WFB? A blazer! And you know what? It looks incredible! If you are going to invest in a blazer that you will have forever, I highly recommend checking out Veronica Beard’s blazers. They are so well made, always fit perfectly, and have tiny zippers on the inside where you can zip in a dickey (a small piece of fabric that mimics a sweatshirt or sweater without adding the bulk under your blazer!). I have a few Veronica Beard blazers and I am obsessed with all of them. Thank you, Veronica Beard for making my holiday blazer dreams come true!

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