Cotton Candy Sleeves

“Gimme all the pink” seems to be my personal mantra this past year. When it comes to this color, I usually go through waves of being obsessed with it to barely wearing it at all. Now, to be keep it real with you all, I’m not into all shades of pink. When I first started my blog I was really into hot pink, like the kind of pink that screams for your attention when you see it. As I’ve gotten older, I have definitely moved away from super bright colors like this (don’t get me wrong, I still love me a good vibrant shade) and drifted more toward lighter, more muted shades of a variety of colors. The above shade of pink has been renamed Millennial Pink (as opposed to it’s former name, pastel pink. BORING!) as it seems to be the color that represents my generation of stylish ladies and gents.
I’m not gonna lie, I’m super into it, especially when teamed up with this killer statement top that’s just BEGGING to be worn dressed up or dressed down with everything in your closet. Those sheer cotton candy esque puffed sleeves and that perfect fit bodice are just too drool-worthy to pass up. I mean, can’t you just see yourself rocking this top with skirts, jeans, and overalls alike? I certainly can and plan to see how many ways I can wear this top with different things in my closet.
For this look, I paired it with my favorite pair of embellished jeans that I actually bought back in February right before NYFW. I absolutely love them. This pair of jeans are actually the ones that officially switched me over from wear skinny jeans to straight fit jeans and I haven’t looked back since. Do you blame me? Straight denim styles just flatter the body in ways that skinny jeans couldn’t. I love how the looser and cropped just above the ankle fit helps balance out my thighs and butt while cinching me in at the waist. Can you say dream denim?
I hope you all have an amazing start to you week!

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