Glossier SF Pop Up

When Glossier announced that they were going to be hosting a limited time pop-up right here in my beloved city of San Francisco, I just about lost my mind…and so did the rest of SF. As you all know, Glossier is my makeup go to. I’ve literally switched out all of my makeup to Glossier products and my skin has never been better and my makeup confidence is through the roof. I have never been one to wear a ton of makeup and there’s nothing I hate more than when my skin looks like it’s slathered in a ton of it. Since I am definitely more about the more natural makeup look, it seemed like a match made in heaven once I started using Glossier products. I just love their “skin first, make up second” motto because that’s truly how I approach my beauty routine, especially now that I’m in my 30’s. Instead of covering up myself, I just enhance my features! I mean, don’t get me wrong. Glossier’s stretch concealer is a life saver for covering up unwanted pimples and late night/early morning sleepiness, but I love that their products never make me feel like I’m covered in makeup.

Because I work full time in addition to blogging, I rarely “go out” during the work week because A.) I’m too tired and B.) I like to work out after work since that’s the only time I get to do it. However, the only ladies that I will skip a work out for are Sarah and Veronica. We all really wanted to shoot at Glossier together since it’s just so damn adorable and after not too much convincing, we all met on a Thursday evening to hang out and shoot at the pop up. And guess what? I had the best time. I felt so energized (as I always do!) being in their company and had the best time hanging out with them that evening. Even Robbie (Sarah’s husband) came and shot all the photos above, which was incredibly kind of him. I had tried to go to the pop up a couple of weeks ago on a weekend and it was absolute madness. The line was so insane that I ended up leaving so it was amazing to actually step foot inside and even buy some Glossier products that I needed to stock up on.

Overall, it is absolutely worth it to stop by the Glossier pop up before they leave town on April 14th. You already know I love their products but their redesign of Rhea’s Cafe is absolutely stunning. A word of advice: Try to go on a week night and not on a weekend. We arrived around 5:15 pm and there was no line and almost no one around to get in the way of the perfect Glossier Instagram shot.

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