Holy Matcha

Holy Matcha is a gift from the Instagram Gods. No seriously, it is. The entire shop is TO DIE FOR and it has been on my MUST VISIT list for a very very long time. So, when Jonny and I decided to take our anniversary trip to sunny San Diego, I was thrilled to 1.) celebrate with my love and 2.) GO TO HOLY MATCHA and maybe not necessarily in that order (#matchaobsessed). As you all know, I have an HEALTHY obsession with matcha. I do not drink coffee because I am sensitive to the caffeine levels in everyone’s favorite morning drug and I actually quit drinking coffee about five years ago when I learned about this sensitivity and haven’t really looked back. When I drink coffee, I don’t melt into a puddle a la Wicked Witch from the West style but I do feel gross. I found that if I had a cup of coffee in the AM and ANYTHING caffeinated in the PM (this could even be dark chocolate) I would crash so hard. Anyway, long story short, I don’t drink caffeinated coffee but will have decaffeinated coffee every now and then because I love the taste.

So, in order to get a quick and healthy jolt, I turned to matcha. I have loved drinking my matcha lattes over the year and have even found that I now prefer matcha over coffee. On the weekends, you’ll find me hanging out at Boba Guys (my FAVORITE place for match boba in SF) so it’s safe to say that my matcha obsession has hit at an all time high over the past year and I’m not at all mad about it.

Jeez, Tamryn. Get to Holy Matcha already, sheeeeeesh. Okay, Holy Matcha is a beautiful matcha tea bar located in South Park/North Park San Diego. These two districts quickly became my favorite districts because they housed all my favorite SD spots (Lucha Libre, Communal Coffee, Holy Matcha, Pigment, and the list goes on). When I walked into Holy Matcha for the first time, I squealed in excitement and Jonny looked at me like I was a crazy person. When I looked around, every single person was taking photos, arranging food on table tops for the perfect ‘Gram, or engaging in some sort of blog photo shoot. I felt right at home. I decided to order the Strawberry Matcha Latte and it was delicious. I loved that they made it with almond milk and their pink drink holders were EVERYTHING. Speaking of pink, Holy Matcha is a pink haven with tropical green accents that made my heart burst with happiness. One thing I really loved about Holy Matcha is how creative they are. From the matcha waffles (YUM!) to the beautiful matcha lemonades to the incredible pink “Holy Vibes” hoodies, you can tell that Holy Matcha has got their branding down perfectly!

I just had to share a small snippet of my experience at Holy Matcha with all of you and I am so thrilled to have seen it in all it’s beautiful glory!

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