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When it comes to online shopping, one of my most visited websites is eBay. Unlike many retailers, eBay has every brand, every price point, and every type of style that you can imagine so you can shop wherever your current style inspiration is leading you! Plus, 85% of eBay fashion items are brand new! Two items that I am always hunting for on eBay are designer handbags and designer shoes, especially since I can usually find what I want for a lower price than retail (yaaaaaaaaas!). Some of my most beloved luxury items have come from eBay and I always recommend eBay as one of my go-to shopping sites for shoes and bags.

Okay, let’s talk handbags, friends! A lot of people have told me that they feel nervous shopping for items on eBay, both high end designer and high street pieces. However, eBay has got your covered with their authentication program. Honestly, eBay’s customer service is on another level and having the authentication process taken care of by eBay makes me feel so much more secure in my purchases. That’s why I’ve bought so many of my designer purses on eBay! Well, that and I can usually get a lower price for brand new CURRENT pieces for less than retail! It truly is amazing. Plus, eBay carries handbags by a bunch of different designers with varying price points to fit anyone’s budget, think kate spade, michael kors, and so on! Personally, Chanel is one of my top designers to search eBay for, especially when I am looking for a new bag. Since Chanel is synomous with classic style, you really can’t go wrong! I love that eBay has many current popular styles AND so many vintage pieces that are truly special, all for amazing prices. Once you find something that you love, add the item to your “watch list” so you get reminders about your item (when bidding will end, how many people are watching the item, etc.). I also like to send a message to the seller, especially on high end splurgy items. I usually like to do this so I can ask more questions about the item and even have the seller send me more photos of the item so I can gain more perspective on what I am thinking about buying! eBay sellers are usually very responsive and helpful in my experience and I believe they are an untapped resource for eBay buyers.

Now onto shoes! I can’t count how many times I have turned to eBay to find popular shoes that have sold out in stores or splurged on a designer pair that caught my eye! eBay has so many options to choose from that it can feel overwhelming to browse through thousands of options. Definitely have an idea in mind of what you’re looking for (I usually type in the exact name of the item I am looking for into eBay’s search bar) so when you are ready to get your shop on, you can narrow down your search to make the process more seamless. With summer right around the corner, you know I’ll be scouring eBay for sandals and sneakers to get me through the warmer months. My favorite pair of sandals, the Saint Laurent Nu Pieds Slides pictured above, are all over eBay (linked above!) so if you’re looking for a new pair, I highly recommend these!

Don’t let another day go by without checking out eBay’s incredible fashion inventory. I promise, you will find something that feels like it was listed JUST for you.

Thank you eBay for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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