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Hello friends, and happy Monday! One of the questions I get the most via blogging is how I find my designer items. As a sale aficionado, I have really perfected my craft when it comes to finding designer pieces for less money or on major sale. Also, I should say, over the past five years or so (interesting that I’ve also been blogging for five years…could they be connected!?!?!), my taste in clothing and accessories has grown quite…expensive. It honestly irritates me how luxe my taste has grown because it gets pricey but I think that my wardrobe is also now filled with quality pieces that I love and cherish instead of ones that are cheap and throwaway. So, really, I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Even though my taste has grown in price, my budget hasn’t grown. Yes, Jonny has me on a very tight and inflexible budget that I have to stick to (#thisismarriage) each month and even though it sucks for my closet, it’s much better for my future. Because I have to stick to a budget, my spending has gotten much smarter and I have found ways to find designer items, like this Zimmermann romper I’m wearing, on MAJOR sale so that I can still stick to my budget. I’m going to be real honest with you right now. As a blogger (you know, someone who wants to show you new content as much as I can), it can be tricky because I’m buying fewer pieces to feature each month. But we all rewear clothes we love right? RIGHT. Ah, but I digress. Let’s get to the meat of it. Here are my designer item shopping tips.
There are a few sites that I frequent weekly to check out their “new arrivals” section. Major shopping websites update their new arrivals weekly and some do it daily. As a type A/control freak planner, I find pieces I love and open up a separate tab for each item I’m lusting after or I write them down on my notepad in my phone (designer, website I saw it on, and price) so I can keep track of what I really want so I don’t get overwhelmed. Plus, my “go-to” online shopping sites have really great free shipping (we are talking overnight or 1-2 days shipping from overseas) and they do not charge taxes for their items. HELLO! SAVING MONEY ON TAXES!? Sign me up! Also, these sites sometimes have designer items for listed for less money since they are located in Europe where a lot of designer goods are made. But really, just not being charged for taxes already makes for a better deal than you would get in store! My favorite websites are as follows:
1.) MatchesFashion (London based)
Offers free international shipping (I always get my packages overnight or in one business day for FREE)
No tax
Some items are listed for less than in US stores
Duty is included in the price shown (you won’t be surprised by any additional charges!)
The return system is incredible (my items are returned and processed with three days of dropping my items off at the delivery store)
2.) Mytheresa
Offers 2 day International Shipping (sometimes this is free, other times they have a $25 flat free for shipping)
The items go on sale way before other stores (even designer items!). I always check here to make sure I get the lowest price.
No tax
Duty is included in price show
Returns are a BREEZE. You fill out the paperwork and send it on it’s way. You’ll receive an e-mail 3 days later confirming that they have received your return and refund your money SAME DAY.
One little thing I will mention is that when you return something, they refund the money MINUS the duty fee, which they refund you in the form of a gift card. It was something that caught me off guard so wanted to give you a heads up about it!
3.) Selfridges
You will definitely find designer items for less here (all authentic!)
No tax
Flat fee of $30 for shipping, which is a lot but it comes within a day or two.
4.) FarFetch
Think of FarFetch as an open market where a lot of different stores sell items
Sometimes you can find items here for less money or on major sale before other retailers
Most of the time, items ship for free (depends on where they are shipping from)
A lot of unique pieces from your fav designers
Super simple returns (take a little longer)
Ebates has to be one of my very favorite ways to earn money back on all the shopping I do. I have the app on my phone but I also installed the Ebates widget on my laptop so it can remind me to activate it when I’m shopping on participating retail websites. Basically, Ebates gives you money back for shopping. No, this is not a scam. I have received many checks from them since I joined with them last year and it’s always a nice feeling knowing you’re getting something back on the items you’re buying. Some websites have high percentages of money back and others are lower. Holidays are usually a great time to get cash back as many retailers up their money back percentage to entice shoppers to spend more. It’s awesome. If you are interested in signing up, use my referral code.
I know, I know, these get so annoying but trust me, they have saved me so much money. Stores like Intermix, Net-A-Porter, and MatchesFashion often send out sale information via e-mail subscription services and you don’t want to miss it because these items go fast. I got this Zimmermann romper (featured above) from a kick ass sale on Intermix (it was already on sale and I got it for an additional 40% off) and I wouldn’t have known about it until I saw the e-mail reminder. Good thing I scooped it up when I did because it sold out so fast. Sales are also a great time for you to access that list you made of all the items you have been eyeing. Also, sometimes you can get a small 10-15% off coupon for signing up for an e-mail subscription. I do it ALL the time and love getting that money off.
I hope you guys enjoyed my little tips and tricks for shopping designer items!

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