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Horrible lighting (hello, dark circles), wonky mirrors, persistent sales associates, cramped spaces. What’s the first place that comes to mind when you think of these annoying things all grouped together? Say it with me… FITTING ROOMS! Have you ever found a great piece in a store only to put it back on the rack because you literally just didn’t want to take your shoes and pants off to try it on and/or rushed to buy an item because you just couldn’t face that fitting room lighting? I have done these things countless times because trying on clothing in a store is never a fun experience.

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Personally, I feel cramped in the small spaces stores like to call fitting rooms and I never feel like I can get an accurate take on whether or not something looks good on me because I end up rushing the process and I just want to call it a day. Not only is it bad enough to try on clothing that may or may not work, but someone is checking up on you every other minute, which completely disrupts my decision process.

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Trying on new clothes should be an experience, not a rushed and annoying process that you want to end ASAP. Think about that last time when you ordered something online. You ripped open the packaging, slipped into that piece that you just knew would change your life, and stood in front your own mirror to take it all in. No sales associates pressuring you, no cramped spaces, and is it you or is your skin looking extremely glowy in the best lit spot in your home? Seriously, trying on new clothing at home is FUN. You can check yourself out from all angles minus the fear of the fluorescent lights (the struggles is real, friends) and you can try on that new dress with the pair of heels that you dreamed it would go perfectly with! Yes!

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However, I absolutely hate having to pay for the item (and the shipping and the taxes. Oy.) before I even try it on. The only benefit of going to the store to try on clothing is that you can do it for free. Sigh. If only there was a way to try on clothing for free in the comfort of your own home.

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Enter Lyon + Post (insert “praise” hands emjoi here). Lyon + Post is a San Francisco company that is single-handedly changing how women try on clothes all over the United States.

Let me break it down for you:

1.) Go to Lyon + Post (

2.) Sign up (it’s FREE)

3.) Shop Lyon + Post’s amazing selection of brands and styles (Current/Elliott, Vince, DVF, just to name a few!)

4.) Add items to your “queue” (aka shopping bag)

5.) Wait for your Lyon + Post package to arrive

6.) Try on your clothes in your home (#farewellfittingrooms)

7.) Take a few days to figure out if you want to keep any of the items that were sent to you

8.) Want to keep any of your items? Great! You only pay for what you keep!

9.) Send the rest of the items you didn’t want back in the provided pre-paid envelope

10.) Start all over again!

Isn’t this amazing? Usually, my experience with clothing subscription services has been something like this: A.) you have to put your sense of style in someone else’s hands because they pick out the items to send you, B.) the brands are not super high quality, and C.) you have to pay for the service. Lyon + Post understands their customer and wants to do everything they can to make them feel great about trying on new clothing, like picking what you like! Say #faretofittingrooms and sign yourself up for a game-changing way to try on clothes!

Basically, Lyon + Post is your new BFF.

Thank you to Lyon + Post for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

Photography by Molly Choma (


  1. November 10, 2015 / 1:28 am

    You’ve got some beautiful things there… Great post and fab photos 🙂 Love, Kathleen

  2. bumma
    November 10, 2015 / 7:38 am

    I luv this whole concept! I absolutely hate trying on clothing in a store, I don’t need the sales associate to tell me what fits and what doesn’t, and truly want just the peace and quiet to make my decisions comfortably. Welcome Lyon and Post – You will be sucessful because you DO know what your customers want. I signed up and will be shopping! Thanks Wannabefashionblogger…..Great fashions, awesome photo’s, looking beautiful as always, wish that was my apartment!

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