Maelove Skincare AKA My new favorite skincare line

Since I entered adulthood (no, not the “I just turned 18 and now I’m adult adulthood. I mean the adulthood when you can actually begin to afford the luxury skincare items you want instead of finding whatever is available at Target), I always thought that they more expensive the skincare item, the better it would work. I would actually scoff at lower priced skincare because how could they work just as well as the super expensive brands that I was spending hundreds of dollars on? I mean, weren’t those products expensive or inexpensive for a reason? Well, I was oh so wrong.

When I found out I was pregnant in June 2019, I was very excited for this new adventure but also VERY nervous for my hormonal acne and other skincare related issues I’ve developed over the years (discoloration, wrinkles, tired looking skin, etc.). Sure enough, my very hormonal skin reared it’s ugly head within the first couple of months of pregnancy and was probably the worst it’s been in quite some time. I felt helpless, ugly, and embarrassed. I started throwing tons of money at products, specifically at one product line that everyone LOVES, in hopes that it would help my skin. Nothing worked.

Then I saw Helena from @brooklynblonde1 post about a skincare company called Maelove Skincare. I was very intrigued because their Glowmaker serum is meant to rival the top Vitamin C serums on the market at a fraction of the price (the Glowmaker is only $28 when I had been paying $150+ for the Vitamin C serum that I had been using). I was influenced. I placed my first Maelove order, the Serum Trio complete with the internet famous Glowmaker, the Calming Serum, and the Hydrator. I was skeptical but weirdly excited to see if these products may work for me.

When my Maelove Skincare order arrived, I tore it open and absolutely looooved the packaging. So chic, so minimalist, so perfect. I started reading a bit more about Maelove Skincare’s background and their story behind why they created their skincare line. The words “simple but effective” and “quality without compromise” really stood out to me. Maelove Skincare also backs up all of their products with an immense amount of research and studies to back up their incredible products to ensure that their clientele are truly getting the best out of their collection. Part of me wondered about my pregnancy skincare struggles and I wondered if the products I had been using were too “complex” or overwhelming for my skin. I had always had more sensitive skin and new products often make me breakout as I work though the “adjustment” period. SO annoying. Since I typically apply Vitamin C serum in the mornings, I eagerly placed my new serums in my bathroom medicine cabinet and waited until the AM.

In the morning, I applied the Glowmaker for the first time. I was VERY impressed with the feel of the product on my skin. My skin also instantly looked brighter and more alive. It absorbed easily into my skin, which was a great plus. No oily or “my skin feels overwhelmed” feelings. When I first started using it, I was very broken out so it was the perfect time to try and see if a new skincare line would work for me. Immediately following the application of the Glowmaker, I applied the Calming Serum, which instantly calmed my broken out skin. I was surprised how much of a difference it made right away. Then, I ended with the Hydrator which truly made my skin look like it was glowing right away and also made my thirsty skin feel very, well, hydrated. Like most HA’s, upon application this serum did feel a bit sticky but it absorbs almost immediately, which takes away the stickiness entirely. I just pat it on until it’s absorbed and off I go! I have used Hylaronic Acids (HAs) before, but felt like they did more harm to my skin then good, which is crazy since everyone always raves about them. I was starting to wonder if the super expensive products I was using were actually overpowering my skin instead of helping it.

Fast forward two weeks, and wow, what a difference these products have made. My skin was clearer, brighter, tighter, glowier. Everyone was telling me I had the “pregnancy glow” but really, it was the Maelove Skincare serums that I had been using. My skin was literally soaking up all the clean and potent ingredients of these products and loving every drop. I kept raving about these products to everyone and anyone that would listen and after seeing the changes in my skin, people are convinced that Maelove Skincare is legit!

After buying these products with my own money and genuinely loving them, I was so excited when Maelove Skincare reached out to me to collaborate. They sent me a few of their other products to test out and review and you guys, I literally just cleared out my entire medicine cabinet and replaced everything in there with the Maelove skincare line. Recently, I’ve added the Creams Trio, which includes The Night Renewer (a glycolic acid cream), The One Cream (a gentle moisturizer), and The Eye Enhancer (depuffs eyes and diminishes dark circles). I have been using The Night Renewer and The Eye Enhancer for the past two weeks and WOW, what great additions to my night time routine. I loved the eye cream (goes on like a gel) so much that I’ve been using it twice a day and have noticed that my under eye area looks so awake and hydrated, which is huge praise from someone who has not been sleeping well. The Night Renewer has also helped gently resurface my skin three nights a week that I actually get excited to wake up the morning after I apply it. That’s how GOOD it is. I swear, I wake up glowing. The glow could also be due in part to the Marula Oil and Love 31 serum that I have been alternating back and forth between. Wow, do I love these oils. I have also been experimenting with The Day Eraser, which is a two-in-one makeup remover AND cleanser. There is no oily film left behind and it really does melt away makeup. I have been using it nightly to take off my makeup and I love that it is gentle but VERY effective. It even comes with a little pump attachment so that you don’t have to unscrew something every time you’re ready to take off your makeup. That’s one thing that you will find with Maelove products. They are all incredibly easy to apply and also very well-priced, which are two huge pluses for me.

One of my favorite parts of buying Maelove products is that they offer special deals ($20 off!) on their sets, like the Creams Set and the Serums Set. Also, most of Maelove products are pregnancy safe, which was such an amazing side perk to this preggo lady. Plus, for the first time EVER, my skin had zero transitional period where my skin got worse before it got better. I have not had one hormonal breakout and my skin truly looks like it is glowing from within. This was truly shocking to me and really speaks to how great Maelove products really are. They don’t overwhelm your skin, they enhance it! My only regret is that I didn’t know about Maelove Skincare earlier but now I can pass on the knowledge to all of you! I highly recommend trying out this line and seeing what wonders Maelove Skincare can do for you!

A huge thank you to Maelove for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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