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NuMe Signature Dryer

Friends, have you been introduced to NuMe products yet? I first learned about NuMe through Instagram and I have been a devotee ever since. Let’s get real for a moment. I have painfully straight hair. I know, this probably sounds like a dream come true to some of you, but my hair is a really hard time holding a curl. If I attempted to curl my hair, the curls would start to fall flat before I even finished the other side. Blow drying my hair was more like a chore since my hair never really achieved that sleek look that I wanted. Yep, not fun.

Since I have been growing my hair out, I have been searching for products that actually work on my hair. When I saw how much people raved about NuMe, I figured I had to give it shot. Now, I own a curling wand and now I am the proud owner of this Signature Dryer. Is that color not to die for?! Plus, this hairdryer knows what it’s doing. Blow drying my hair is pretty much my least favorite thing part of my hair routine. It took forever and I had a hard time finding a smooth groove, if you get what I’m saying. However, this NuMe Signature Dryer has given me new life, y’all! Not only does it take HALF the time to blow dry my hair, but the quality of the dryer actually helps create shiny locks that don’t look overworked (sorry, I love Target but my old hairdryer was kinda a P.O.S.)!

Now that I have partnered with NuMe, I will be sharing a bunch of AWESOME promotional codes that you can use for yourself over the next month. Seriously, these deals are insane. Our first deal is:

1.) Get your own awesome hair dryer and try NuMe’s brand new Bold Dryer ($62!!!) with promo code: VOLUME62

I’m hearing holiday gifts? Stocking stuffer? A treat yo’self moment? Whatever it is, I hope you take a chance and try out this amazing Blow Dryer.

Thank you to NuMe for partnering with WFB for this post. All opinions are my own.

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