On Trend: Lavender

If you haven’t heard, lavender and lilac are huge this year. Honestly, if you haven’t heard this at this point in the style season, then you must be living under a rock or I am just way too in the know with Pantone’s color selections. Either way, purple is IN and here to stay from the looks of it. All I see are new purple pieces making their way onto women’s bodies and truthfully, I am INTO IT. When this trend first took off, I wasn’t sure if it was for me because I rarely, actually more like NEVER, wear purple. It just wasn’t a go-to for me. However, when I saw this top, I turned into the heart-eyes emoji and I purchased it immediately. It’s so comfortable and super feminine. Because it is on the sheer side, I paired it with a great pair of high waisted black jeans so that the world doesn’t have to see ALL my top-half business. Every time I wear this top, people stop me to ask me where I got it. In person, the quality is fantastic, which surprised me since it came from a very popular highstreet retailer. I always love trying something a little outside my style box because it inspires me to keep trying new things! Will you try wearing purple this year?

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