Parisian Vibes


It seems that all I want to wear are polka dots and instead of trying to favor other patterns, I’m just leaning into the obsession. I have loved polka dots since I was young. I love how whimsical they are and how happy they make me feel. Plus, they always feel insanely chic to me and that’s probably because they give me all the Parisian vibes whenever I wear them. I bought a Self Portrait dress a couple of years ago but haven’t really bought anything from them in quite awhile. That seems to have changed this year because I have been in love with so many of their pieces that I’ve had to hold myself back from buying everything! But this dress was different. It actually stirred an emotional reaction within my body and soul and I knew this piece would remain extremely special to me through the years to come so I had to have it. And you know what? I don’t regret buying it AT ALL. Every time I wear it I smile because I feel THAT good in it and really, isn’t that what fashion should be all about? You should feel happy every time you put on something in your wardrobe and for me, this dress makes me feel just that.

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