Pretty Woman.

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Outfit Details | Top (Zara), Skirt (J Crew), Tights (GAP), Boots (Sam Edelman Kayla Boots), Purse (Mansur Gavriel Mini Bucket Bag), Coat (BB Dakota, on sale!), Lipstick (Chanel), Earrings (Etsy).

When I first saw the movie “Pretty Woman,” I was in awe of how personal style was such an important part of Julia Robert’s character. While all of Julia’s outfits are beautiful and indicative of that time period (hello, 1990!), I was always so jealous of her ability to pull off the tall thigh grazing boots. While this particular style of boot has been equated to her status of a “woman of the night,” I always loved how confident and sexy she looked in them. Now that OTK (over the knee) boots have made quite the comeback, boot shafts have become taller and taller over the past year or so. I have a flat pair of OTK boots, but they are not quite as tall as I prefer them to be. Enter these Sam Edelman boots with their gorgeous heel and their super tall length. I am in heaven. Not only are these boots insanely comfortable for how tall the heel is (thank god for hidden platforms), but they just exude confidence. When I wear these, I feel like I can conquer the world. Now, when I wear them I am over 6 feet tall, but I am learning to not be ashamed of my height and to instead use it to my advantage. My legs look long and lean and when I am this tall, I feel like my clothes fit better. I know this is probably psychological, but I think I’m just going to roll with it.

Also, I actually got my hands on a Mansur Gavriel Mini Bucket Bag. They restocked their site on December 9th and I literally sat in front of my computer refreshing the site until I saw that the site went live. Obsessed much? I was determined to obtain my dream bag and I do not give up easily. People all over the world were in the same position as me, obsessed with getting their hands on the “it” bag of the year. Some didn’t even go into work that day so that they could have a better chance at purchasing a bag. I feel so lucky that I actually got one and I have to say, it is even more beautiful than I imagined. Call it love at first sight, I am completely smitten.

Christmas is getting closer and I am loving celebrating with family and friends. It’s like a non-stop party over here and that’s just the way I like it.

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