Spring in SF

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Outfit Details | All clothing and accessories provided by Anthropologie San Francisco (Pants are still available here)

It sure as hell feels like spring here in San Francisco. The birds are chirping in the early morning, the sunrises have been stunning, and the evenings have been absent of fog and wind (for the most part) so you could say that I am in heaven. For us San Franciscans, we don’t really have many days like these so when we have them we take full advantage of them before they’re gone.

These photos were taken a few months ago but I knew they would be perfect to debut in the spring time. Meant to be spring themed, this outfit was one of my favorite ones that I modeled for my partnership with Anthropologie SF. These pants were by my far my favorite piece and I may just have to add these to my wardrobe for good because I could really picture myself wearing them all the time. Oh, Anthropologie. You just “get” springtime wear.

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