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When it comes to cooking, I would say that I “like” it. I’m using quotation marks because in all honestly, I have a love-hate relationship with cooking. I hate grocery shopping (it takes up so much time on the weekends and there are so many people!) and I always feel like I draw a blank when it comes to thinking up healthy recipes that aren’t the same thing every week. Also, with the wedding coming up, eating healthy meals during the week has become much more of a priority and thinking through each meal is exhausting!

Enter Sunbasket, an amazing company that takes the stress out of cooking and grocery shopping each week. With oodles of healthy delicious meals that are made up from organic and local ingredients, Sunbakset has taken someone like me and turned me into someone who actually looks forward to cooking our post-work dinners. Not only do they deliver your meals right to your door (oh, Sunbasket you charmer), Sunbasket gives you a variety of meal choices to best fit your lifestyle! Let me also fill you in another awesome Sunbasket feature. Sunbasket strives to make all of their meals easy to follow and minimizes the clean up time and effort, aka you don’t use a gazillion pots and pans to make one meal (hallelujah!). Also, the recipes are prepared just for you by a world renowned chef and you can tell. Each recipe is thought through to optimize taste and health, which are two huge musts for me. Even Jonny loved each meal and he is much pickier than I am when it comes to food so you can say that Sunbasket is male-approved. The best part? We ended each meal feeling full and satisfied, which is not always the case when you are trying to eat healthier foods.

I cannot say enough great things about Sunbasket so instead of taking my word for it, give it a try for yourself! I promise you’ll be blown away! A heartwarming aside? Sunbasket truly loves their customers and strives to give each person in their clientele individualized attention. You can’t beat that!

Thank you Sunbasket for sponsering this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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