The Perfect Fit

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e20b5356 Outfit Details | Blazer (c/o Sumissura), Tank (c/o Milly), Pants (Topshop, similar), Shoes (Birkenstock), Purse (Gucci), Sunglasses (c/o SmartBuyGlasses)

I have this thing with jackets and coats. No, seriously. I can’t keep myself from buying them and I honestly never feel like I have enough of them. I am constantly adding new ones to my wardrobe and they tend to stick around for a long time. Even though my love runs deep for these layering essentials, I often have a hard time finding the perfect fit. Being tall (aka long torso), jackets tend to hit me in weird spots. I also have issues with my arms in jackets. Does anyone else have these issues? Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one.

When Sumissura approached me with a partnership opportunity to custom build my own blazer, I jumped at the chance! I mean, custom build my own blazer? I couldn’t say yes fast enough! Honestly, the hardest part was picking what type of fabric I wanted. I think I spent at least 45 minutes going through Sumissura’s incredible fabric options before I finally decided on this perfect denim colored striped beauty featured in the photos above. I just knew that it would go perfectly with all my spring and summer pieces, and I was right! I am obsessed with how it turned out.

Sumissura’s custom built pieces are the real deal, peeps. You can customize the pieces you want down to the type of pockets, buttons, and back vent you want (it doesn’t stop there!). I loved going through each section and carefully selecting how I wanted my blazer to look, which was so refreshing for me since I usually just push “purchase” without customizing anything. Sometimes this works out great but most of the time I am left wishing that the piece I ordered had more room in the arms or a longer length to accommodate my long torso. With Sumissura, you get what you build! They even asked me about measurements that I didn’t even know existed. I measured my arms (length and width!), torso, and even my shoulder width.

I have to say, even when I submitted all of my measurements, I was still a little doubtful about how well the piece would fit me. However, when my blazer arrived, I couldn’t believe how perfect it fit me. Slipping it on for the first time was a dream. This blazer was built by me and it felt PERFECTLY on my body. I have to say, I was impressed. In fact, so impressed that I am already looking into a kick ass #girlboss Sumissura suit to rock in the fall.

If you’re looking for custom pieces that won’t break the bank and that will fit perfectly without any additional trips to the tailor, you should definitely look into Sumissura. I promise, you will not be disappointed.

Thank you to Sumissura for sponsoring this post.

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