The Tighest Dress I Have Ever Worn

There is something you should know about me. I do NOT wear tight dresses or tight clothing for that matter. I wish I could say that I don’t wear tight clothing because I’m too modest but really, it’s because I don’t like to show off my body. I have never been one to want to show any part of my body off because it felt awkward to me. I have always been really tall, which meant that people were already looking at me and commenting on my height (insert eye roll here) so I didn’t really want to bring extra attention to my body. I wouldn’t say that I’m modest but I would say that I don’t love the feeling of wearing something super tight and showing everyone what I’m working with underneath my clothes. It’s just not my style. Also, having lived in San Francisco for so long, I would never want to wear something that sparked unwanted attention from gross onlookers. I’m not ashamed of my body in anyway. Are there things I wish were tighter? Of course! But I know that my body is strong and capable, which makes me proud.

So, when this dress came around, I was a little skeptical about how I would feel wearing it out in the world. It showed off my tummy a little more than I was comfortable with but to be honest, I surprised myself by really loving it! I felt like it was really flattering and to tell you the truth, I found myself strutting more than walking in it, which came as a surprise. I typically don’t love being “noticed” but for some reason, I was okay with it in this dress. Even though tighter clothes are not typically on brand for me, it was fun changing it up a bit and trying something new. Plus, I’ve always said, you’ll never know if you like something style wise until you actually wear it.

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