The World’s Most Flattering Skirt

I have a love/hate relationship with skirts. Having a big booty AND being tall often creates many obstacles when trying to find skirts that both fit well AND flatter my body. LE SIGH. However, I love wearing skirts soooo there’s that. I’ve actually shied away from wearing skirts more so over the past year but after taking a chance with an old beloved favorite this summer, the denim mini, I found myself more inspired to wear them! This skirt was in my NYFW shopping cart but I never got around to buying it. Probably because I spent way too much money on other things but it stuck in my mind, probably because my bestie Sarah bought it and wore it to NYFW and it looked incredible on her. You can say I was “influenced” by my own influencer friend to buy it and I am SO glad I did. I swear, it is the most flattering skirt I have ever worn and that is not an exaggeration. It hugs all the right places (you can adjust the cinched side to make it perfect for you) but still flows so you don’t feel constricted by the fabric. It literally goes with everything and I loved pairing it with my Gucci cardigan for a little mixed print action. If you are going to take a chance on a skirt, I highly recommend taking a chance on this one. You won’t regret it!

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