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All Clothing Provided By Trunk Club

With the wedding only 2 and a half months away (AHHHH!), Jonny and I have found ourselves super busy. Even though I love to shop, I find myself preoccupied with wedding details that need to be seen to and I often find myself to distracted to really think about other things. Now, Jonny is different. Jonny HATES shopping. Like, hates shopping with a vengeance. Of course, the idea of someone hating shopping breaks my heart, but I can understand where he’s coming from. Being a tall guy (he’s 6’5″!), he has a hard time finding clothes that actually fit him. Being tall myself, I know that this can be very discouraging and make you feel like you’ll never find anything in a store so why even bother? Over the past couple of years, Jonny has shown more of an interest in upping his personal style game (yaaaaaay!) but department store shopping ain’t his thang so he will often avoid buying new clothes (booooooooo!). However, we are here today to introduce you to a game changing way to get awesome new clothes delivered straight to your home…for FREE.

Awesome readers, Trunk Club is revolutionizing how we shop for clothing. Trunk Club is all about making the process of trying on and buying clothing effortless for you. When you sign up (for FREE, btw), they match you with an awesome personal stylist who is a real live person. Our stylist, Ashley, is incredible and really listened to how we defined our personal styles and curated designer pieces for us based on our preferences (contact her at Ashley did an amazing job with both of our trunks and even included a few “surprise” pieces that we both really liked! My favorite parts of this entire experience were that we were able to try on the clothes at home (this was a HUGE plus for Jonny) and that Jonny, who didn’t really believe that anything would fit him as per usual, slipped on each piece feeling like it was made to fit him because Trunk Club actually carries designer brands in larger sizes. Score! Oh! Another favorite part? You only pay for what you keep! Don’t love anything you got? No problem! Just send your trunk back within 10 days and start all over again!

If you’re looking to up your style game or even just have someone do the shopping work for you, I would highly recommend Trunk Club for men and women. Can’t you also see this making an awesome gift for someone? Oh yeah!

Also, Jonny and I had the pleasure of shooting this feature at BLINK INC studio located in Westfield Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara. We had a blast making each other laugh and posing together! I’ve never shot in a studio setting before so this was such a treat. Plus, we got incredible high quality photos immediately after the photo shoot and the entire shoot lasted 10 minutes! How cool is that?! Thanks for having us, BLINK INC!

If you are thinking of joining Trunk Club, reach out to Ashley ( and tell her I sent you! 


  1. June 20, 2016 / 12:42 pm

    oooh… I love how these photos have turned out! And only 10 minutes?! You guys are pros 😀 I love that blue dress by the way and how you styled it with that denim jacket… makes it a bit less formal doesn’t it… Beautiful and well done (and good luck on the wedding preparations… it’s getting close now!!)

  2. bumma
    June 20, 2016 / 1:11 pm

    I just luv this! Absolutely wonderful photo’s of both of you, but so inventive, and looks so spontanious! I luv the outfits on both of you. the dress and jacket is really chic but the Jeans and peasant top are my favorite. Just awesome…..

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