Vroom Vroom

IMG_5165IMG_5156IMG_5170 IMG_5157IMG_5184 IMG_5159IMG_5176

IMG_5166 IMG_5168 IMG_5181

IMG_5189 IMG_5263IMG_5304IMG_5318IMG_5322IMG_5325IMG_5331IMG_5346IMG_5352IMG_5355IMG_5385Over my winter vacation, I was approached by Lexus SF to borrow one of their cars for a week. An entire week! Well, it’s safe to say I was ecstatic and so honored that they would choose me to show off one of their cars on my Instagram (follow me @wannabefashionblogger) and blog. Jonny and I took our sweet ride, a super sport Lexus RCF350, to all of our Christmas celebrations.

First stop, my grandma’s house in Santa Rose (near Napa)! I couldn’t believe how smooth the car was, especially for being so close to the ground. Since the drive is around an hour and a half, we got a chance to check out all the cool gadgets that this Lexus has. It sounds silly, but one of my favorite parts was the seat warmers! I also loved the touch pad that linked to the screen in the car. It was so nice to not have to reach up to the screen to push the buttons! Oh Lexus, you get me.

Our other Christmas destination was Santa Cruz to celebrate Christmas with Jonny’s family. Again, driving long distances in this Lexus is amazing (hello, seat lumbar support!). The seats were insanely comfortable, I’m talking more comfortable than our couch! Everywhere we went, people asked us about the car. The bright orange color was definitely eye catching and I finally got to see how it would feel if I was an extra in the movie Fast and the Furious.

Have a wonderful rest of your day, friends!


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