We’re Having a Baby Beeb!

OH MY GOSH! It feels SO good not to keep this news a secret anymore! Jonny and I are having a baby! We are so excited and honestly, really overwhelmed by this news that we have been keep to ourselves all summer long. It feels pretty surreal to be finally sharing this fun news with all of you and so glad that you get to be a part of our exciting new adventure into parenthood.

After my rough come down from birth control (read my post about my process here), Jonny and I were not “seriously” trying to start out family until around May since my body was still pretty out of whack from the hormonal shift of no longer taking birth control. Because it was such a rough transition for me, I wasn’t even really sure that I was on track with ovulation and I was still getting used to tracking my period as I was very used to having a very predictable period being on the pill. However, the week after I started my summer break, I had not gotten my period, which was weird for me. I’m usually very regular and that week, I had been feeling a bit off (super bloated and tired) but attributed these symptoms to PMS and my impending period. BUT when my period didn’t come, I immediately took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I took another one, and that one was positive, too! I was honestly SHOCKED. I couldn’t believe that it happened so fast and that I was really pregnant. I took the test alone and told Jonny when he got home and his response still cracks me up. I was trying to figure out if I wanted to tell him in a “special” way with an elaborate plan but I literally could not hold in the news. He was washing dishes and I was folding laundry and I casually asked him “do you think Baby Beeb (the nickname we use for future baby) will like that guest room?” Jonny, not thinking anything of that question, answered “yeah, but we probably have awhile before that happens” to which I responded, “actually we don’t because I’m PREGNANT.” Jonny turned to me wide-eyed and said “NO!?” because he was in such disbelief that we had gotten pregnant so fast. Once the news settled in, Jonny and I just smiled and hugged, both feeling like this was the most surreal moment in the world. It was a crazy feeling!

We immediately told my family that same day because we just couldn’t contain the news and they were so excited (it’s all they’ve wanted for YEARS)! Beyond that, we kept the secret for about three months because we didn’t want word to get out before we were ready to share. It was so nice to have summer break to endure the first trimester even though I’ve been VERY lucky as I’ve had zero nausea and have generally felt great (look for a much more detailed blog post about my first 12 weeks coming soon!).

When we thought up what types of announcement we wanted to have, we both wanted something fun and very “us.” My friend and photographer, Shannon, suggested something with food since Jonny and I love going out to eat and the idea of shooting our announcement pics at In ‘N Out was born. I loved the fun and kitchy vibe and was very happy that it wasn’t cheesy. It truly felt like US, which was super important. So thankful that Shannon could capture this special moment for us!

Honestly, Jonny and I have always done things differently from everyone else. We waited a long time before we got married and we are older than a lot of our friends were when they started having kids but guess what? We could care less. Every decision that we have made regarding our relationship and beyond have been the right decisions for us and we feel very good about what lies ahead because we feel ready. We are very excited to meet Baby Beeb in March of 2020 and we already got a little In ‘N Out kids meal waiting for him or her.

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