A Stay At The Palace Hotel

From left to right: LaTisha, Shannon, Me, Sarah, Camilla, Veronica

It’s not every weekend that you get to have an epic overnight with some of my amazing blogger friends at The Palace Hotel. A few weeks ago, Sarah of Sassy Red Lipstick organized our entire stay with The Palace Hotel team and it was incredible. Before I begin to gush about our stay, let me tell you that The Palace Hotel is one of my favorite hotels in San Francisco. It’s history speaks for itself (built in the late 1800’s) and as San Francisco becomes more and more modernized, classic places like The Palace Hotel hold a very special place in my heart because they are becoming more and more rare. Also, spending time with some truly beautiful humans (hey Sarah, Veronica, Camilla, LaTisha, and Shannon!) was pretty damn special, too.

Okay, now it’s time for to me walk you through our magical stay. I arrived on Friday evening to our Royal Suite, which was downright breathtaking. Immediately after stepping through the suite doors, my mouth just about dropped to the floor. The original crown moldings, the beautiful high ceilings complete with a chandelier, and THE TREATS. I knew that The Palace Hotel was going to be spoiling us but oh my gosh. They left chocolate covered strawberries, a bunch of sweet cakes, some lovely savory snacks (honey drizzled on top of my cheese is now my favorite thing), and iced bottles filled with sparkling cider, champagne, and water! The staff also left a beautiful personalized note, which was one of many lovely details from our stay. It’s the little touches that always mean the most! As all the girls started to arrive, we just “oohed” and “aahed” over the suite. I have never stayed in a suite that was this incredible. With views overlooking Market Street and beds that felt like they were carved from heavenly pillows, I felt like a queen.

Once everyone arrived, we all headed down to the Pied Piper restaurant to get our eat on. When we stepped in, two Palace Hotel staff were there to greet us and show us to our reserved table, which was covered with so much delicious food. From avocado toast to poke bites, I was in HEAVEN. Another personal touch was a small sign that the hotel had made that listed all of our names with our blog logos, which made us all feel extremely important! It was amazing. Not only did The Palace Hotel spoil us with a bunch of delicious appetizers and drinks, but we also ordered a bunch of entree items to split amongst all of us. Let’s just say we didn’t leave hungry. After a lovely and leisurely dinner, we all headed back to our suite and talked for hours! It felt so incredible to have so much concentrated girl time that I honestly felt like I was on a friendship high!

When we woke up the next morning, we were greeted at The Presidential Suite for breakfast and a fun photoshoot in our pajamas. Guys, I cannot even begin to tell you how queen-like I felt being greeted by hotel staff as we reached the Presidential Suite. I honestly felt like a celebrity. The awe continued when we all walked in and saw the incredible breakfast waiting there for us, which I’m surprised we even noticed given how gorgeous the suite was. More high ceilings, more twinkling chandeliers, and so much space. I know this is pretty much a given at this point, but the food was incredible. Eggs Benedict, steak and eggs, waffles, the most gorgeous fruit plates you ever saw, and smoothies that were just meant to be Instagrammed.

And guys, it doesn’t end there. To end our stay, The Palace Hotel treated us to the most incredible high tea in their beautiful Garden Court, which just so happens to be my favorite room in the entire hotel. The class ceilings and the chandeliers make you feel like you’re dining in a castle. I would add that the harpist also adds to the overall “royal” ambiance! We munched on tea sandwiches, sipped our tea like ladies, and treated ourself to all the tiny cakes you can imagine. It was heaven.

Even beyond The Palace Hotel treating us like queens during our stay, I am so grateful to have been able to spend so much concentrated time with such inspiring ladies. I left our stay feeling tired but in the best possible way. The connections that were made were genuine and I had such an amazing time getting to know these powerful women. My heart felt incredibly full and I can’t wait to spend more time with each of them! A huge thank you to The Palace Hotel for creating such an amazing stay for us to further connect and grow our friendships.


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  1. Bumma
    March 30, 2018 / 4:06 pm

    I remember taking you, your sister,, your Mom and your Great Grandmother to tea at the Palace Hotel. You and your sister were very little girls, dressed to the 9’s, behaving like young ladies! It is a memory I treasure. We have been there since for tea, but that memory is my favorite. Tea at the Palace Hotel is a San Francisco tradition that should not be missed.

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