Spring Is In The Air


Veronica Beard continues to be one of my favorite designers to work with. Every season, Veronica Beard makes me covet their entire collection. From the on point seasonal editions to the dickey and dickey jacket selection to their incredible prints, Veronica Beard truly inspires me as an influencer. After meeting the two Veronica Beard sisters-in-law last summer at a Nordstrom event, I was blown away by not only how humble these two power house designers are but how inspirational it felt to be around them. You could just tell how REAL women inspire them to continue creating and I am proud to be one of those women who can’t shut up about how much I adore their voice and their designs.
I was very excited when Veronica Beard reached out to have me showcase a couple of their spring collection pieces (spoiler alert: I want every single thing from their newest line) and this gorgeous dress is one of them. I just love how Veronica Beard is not afraid of color. As someone who has definitely become more muted and neutral in my preferred style color palette, I love that this dress is breaking me out of my winter style auto pilot mode (you know, where you keep wearing the same five pieces on rotation? You know you do it too, come on), The floral print is GORGEOUS and I am obsessed with this fit. The sheer sleeves, the tassel tie waist, and the midi length have pretty much created a perfect dress for yours truly. Plus, I love that it’s an easy piece to dress up and down for whatever mood you’re in that day. In fact, I plan on wearing this dress to a wedding in a few weeks but could easily pair this with sneakers and a sweater. That’s the beauty of Veronica Beard. Their pieces are not only just meant to be saved for special occasions but they are meant to be worn in a variety of ways, day in and day out! Thank goodness we have designers like Veronica Beard who just get us women, am I right?

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  1. Bumma
    March 28, 2018 / 6:33 am

    What a PERFECT dress! So feminine without over-powering and the COLORS! This is a dress that I would reach for (nothing age defining about this design, thank you very much) time and again. Kudo’s to you, Veronica Beard, and to you Wannabe for your beautiful presentation of this awesome designer.

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