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If you said that I have been saving my very favorite NYFW for last, you are 100% correct. When I first saw this dress, I was completely enamored. I have actually fallen head over heels for this designer, Stine Goya, because the attention to detail is beyond incredible. I mean, look at this DRESS. I love the unique neckline and the black panels on the shoulder. I should also add that this dress is not only chic, it is incredibly easy to wear. Like, INSANELY comfortable. I really have to stop myself from wearing it everyday because it just gives me that extra confidence and oomph I need when I’m not feeling great in my skin. It honestly works like magic. When I slip it on, I can feel my attitude change for the better and, really, isn’t how clothes are supposed to make you feel?

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  1. October 12, 2018 / 11:30 am

    “Isn’t that how clothes are supposed to make you feel?” YES, I love this! There’s something special that happens when we find a piece that clicks with who we are in a specific moment, right? So glad you found something that does that for you. Love this post!

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