Suit Obsessed

Outfit Details : Pants and Jacket (Zara), Shoes (Rebecca Minkoff), Sunglasses (Celine), Purse (Gucci)

If you haven’t noticed, I AM OBSESSED WITH SUITS. Like, literally, obsessed. I was so excited to wear this suit during NYFW but was praying that the weather would cooperate with my hopes and dreams and it actually did. The day I wore this suit was actually quite cold in NYC. IT WAS PERFECT. Honestly, this is one of my fav looks from NYFW because it just felt so me. I love menswear inspired looks and this specific suit had such incredible Gucci vibes for a fraction of the cost. WINNING. However, something pretty horrible/hilarious happened to me the night that I wore this suit. I had been wearing it for the ENTIRE day with no issues. When I was sliding into our Uber that was taking us to our evening event, I must have slid a little too hard because my pants split right down the back seam. I am NOT joking. I was sitting bare ass on the Uber’s backseat and shocked at what just happened. Luckily, the Uber was right in front of our hotel (THANK GOD) and waited for me while I ran up to my hotel room clutching my ENTIRE EXPOSED BUTT because my pants had ripped wide open. Alas, this makes for a great story and my friends and I still laugh about “the incident” but man, I was so bummed (PUN INTENDED). Luckily, my amazing tailor sewed the seem right back up but you better believe I will be entering and exiting cars much more carefully when wearing them next time around.

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