Ballerina Chic.

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Outfit Details | Jacket (Forever 21, similar), Top (J Crew), Skirt (Alexandra Grecco), Shoes (Guess, similar), Sunglasses (Karen Walker, sadly no longer available), Earrings (Rue Gembon), Lipstick (MAC “Candy Yum Yum”), Necklace (Jennifer Zeuner).

Sometimes, a gal just wants to wear a tulle skirt! You may be wondering if I get some lingering looks when I take this baby out into the streets of San Francisco. The answer to that question is a resounding yes, but in the words of the infamous Rhett Butler, “frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” If I want to wear my beautifully girly tulle skirt, I’ll wear it whenever I please, thankyouverymuch!

Alexandra Grecco’s tulle skirts are magical. When you’re having a bad day, these skirts seem to make everything alright. When you feel like nothing in your closet is working, shimmy into this skirt and throw on a random top and you are guaranteed a chic ensemble. I’ve had this skirt for about a year and a half and it hasn’t lost it’s beauty. Honestly, I really don’t think it will. When I get right down to it, it’s fun to wear and that’s what I love most about it. I think Scarlett O’Hara would admire my love of whimsical and unique clothing, don’t you?

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  1. July 14, 2014 / 8:05 am

    I luv this outfit on you! Somehow, you have carried the “tulle” to a different level. Scarlet would approve, wholeheartedly.

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