Every year, I buy new outerwear because new coats and jackets are literally my favorite things to add to my wardrobe. In the colder months, they are what I center my entire outfit around because they actually keep you warm. I have grown quite an outerwear collection over the years and each fall I say to myself “I think I’m good!” but then every year, a new coat pops up that I fall in love with so I buy it and then I can’t imagine my world without it. EVERY DAMN YEAR. This year, that coat was this Club Monaco beauty. I spotted it pretty early on in the fall season but knew that I could probably get it on sale if I waited a bit. Sure enough, I nabbed it for 30% off and honestly, I wear it constantly. It’s becoming my favorite coat to wear. With outerwear, I sometimes struggle with the arms being tight but this coat literally fits like a dream. I wouldn’t change anything about it. Even though I know I will add more outerwear to my ever expanding collection next year, I know that this coat will remain special.

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