Sequin Turtleneck


One thing that my closet is really lacking are great statement tops that are great for dressing up or dressing down. I have a lot of causal tops that are great for layering but not great for going out or if I decide to take off my jacket or coat at some point. You would think this would be an easy solution for me to fix right? Just buy nicer tops! But, it turns out I’m super picky about my tops, which is probably why I never buy them because I can never find ones that I love. However, one amazing top comes through every once and awhile and this & Other Stories top is one of them. First of all, I love the sequins. Second of all, ummmm…a SEQUIN TURTLENECK?! It’s like the beautiful shirt goddesses made it just for me to enjoy. Lastly, it’s actually comfortable. I’m sure we have all had that uncomfortable sequin top moment where we can’t stop pulling at it because it’s scratching the hell out of our skin. So annoying. However, this top doesn’t do that, which is amazing. I know it’s not the holiday season anymore, which usually equates the death of all sequins and velvet, but I’m over here breaking the rules…and I like it.

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