Camo Love.

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Outfit Details | Top (J Crew, similar), Jacket (J Crew, similar), Pants (Zara via eBay), Shoes (J Crew via eBay), Purse (Coach, no longer available), Necklace (J Crew, similar), Sunglasses (Karen Walker), Lipstick (MAC Heroine).

One year ago, if you told that I would purchase and wear camo pants, I would have laughed in your face and said you were crazy! Well, it turns out I’m the crazy one for thinking that camo could not look chic and sophisticated!  When camo started making it’s comeback in late summer early fall of last year, it really started to grow on me, especially when I realized that camo does not have to look like an army uniform.

These Zara camo pants were a huge hit (sold out pretty quickly online) and another eBay score for me. Because of how popular these pants were, I missed the opportunity to see if they would work in my wardrobe. But, as usual, eBay came to my rescue!! I was able to find these pants in my size and could finally call them my own. When I first put them on, my boyfriend made one of his “I’m not so sure about these” look, because, like me, he didn’t see how camo print could fit into my feminine (okay, girlie) wardrobe. After holding them up to different items in my closet, I actually realized that they were pretty neutral and could go with many different colors. They also reminded me of a beloved pair of J Brand olive green twill pants that I wore with everything until they finally got to be too worn to wear them out in public. I have seen many different types of camo print, but this Zara print is by far my favorite. I like the more muted earth-tone colors and really love the ankle zips as well as the zippers on the front pockets. The only thing that I don’t like about them? They are very low-rise, so I have to be careful about what tops I wear with them. Low-rise jeans and pants are usually my nemesis (no one wants to see you tugging at the back of your pants all day!) but I had to make an exception with this pair. Yes, I find that I constantly have to pull them up, but if I wear a long enough top, the waistband of the pants is nicely hidden.

When I wore this outfit, I was heading out to for a lunch date with friends. I wanted to be comfortable since we were also going to shop around a little bit, so I paired the pants with a white cotton button down, a denim jacket, and my low silver wedges. My favorite feminine additions? The bright pink Coach clutch and the crystal necklace!

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