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 If you are like me, and probably every other woman on the planet, my skin can be a big pain in my ass. Not only is my skin sensitive AND acne prone (hoooorrraaaaayyy….), it’s also dry and oily at the same time. Are you jealous yet? I didn’t think so. I’ve literally tried every “combination skin” product under the sun and only a few worked here and there, sometimes for months and sometimes for as little as one week. When I started this blog, I knew that my face would be on display for you all a few times a week, which was both exciting and horrifying all at the same time. If you go back to some of my earlier posts (you can now search by month under the “style” section up top), you will see some scattered pimples around my chin. It’s never fun and I always feel  horrible about myself whenever they pop up on my face. I mean, I’m in my late twenties! I shouldn’t have to be experiencing flashbacks of my early teenage years every couple of weeks!

Today, I’m here to talk to you about Enza Essentials, an incredible skincare company that does nothing else but care about YOUR skin. You probably noticed that I typed out “your” in all caps because it is rare that a skincare line be designed just for you and your skincare needs. Not only did Enza Essentials ask me very detailed questions about my current skincare routine and what my skin is like at all times of the day (have you ever thought about this?! Mind blown!), they really take your needs and and dream skin into consideration while planning out your new skincare regime.

After about a month of testing these products out on my skin, I can honestly say that these skincare products have become part of my everyday routine. The creamy and luxurious textures, the perfect amounts of exfoliation, and the specially designed targeted products just for my skin were an absolute delight to use. Ladies, using Enza Essentials made me feel like I was going to a spa twice a day. Who doesn’t need a little of this in their lives?

Some of my favorite Enza Essentials products are the Extraction Enzyme Peel (not nearly as intimidating as it sounds), the Brightening Eye Cream, the Spot Extractor (overnight nuisance pimples be gone!), the Sustaining Glow Cream, and the Cool Sustaining Toner (you will feel like your face is saying “ahhhhhhh…” after each application). Even as I am going through my favorites right now, I keep reminding myself about the other gems in this collection. Really, every product in my very own Enza Essentials skincare line is my favorite because they are really that good.

I know it’s a little late for New Year’s Resolutions, but start your own March resolution by taking better care of your skin because it’s really now or never. Let the experts at Enza Essentials handpick items just for you so your skin can rise to the potential you always dreamed of.



A huge thank you to Enza Essentials for partnering with Wannabe Fashion Blogger for this post.

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