Sarah (check out her blog here!) and I have been friends for almost two years now. As I wrote that, I thought, “wow, has it really been almost two years already?” because I honestly cannot imagine my life without her in it. When Sarah and her husband Robbie moved to San Francisco, I remember meeting her for the first time at my other good friend’s (Veronica!) event and I felt like we hit it off right away. She was kind, funny, and had the most contagious laugh that I just had this feeling that we were going to be friends. We had so much in common and from that day on, we have been the closest of friends. Even our husbands are now friends and we try to hang out with them as much as possible.
Sarah is one of those friends that is incredibly loyal. She will stick by your side no matter what and she is someone that I know has my back in tough situations (she has proved this to me time and again!). Something I really admire about Sarah is that she wants her friends to be the best versions of themselves and she will support you on the road to reaching your fullest potential. I have learned so much about the business side of blogging from her (she is one of the hardest working women I know) and she is definitely someone that I go to when I have a question about anything blog related. I think one of the things that makes our relationship special is that we are honest with each other. Even outside of blogging, I don’t feel the need to beat around the bush with her and vice versa. We just really seem to get each other.
Over the course of our friendship, Sarah and I always chat about purchases that we are making since we both love fashion (obviously). We will excitedly text back and forth and send pictures of our latest finds. When Sarah and Robbie came over for New Years Eve, she saw this pink Ganni blazer in my closet and immediately tried it on as she had been looking for it as well. From there we went on a mission to find her the blazer and we ended up finding it on ShopBop (PRAISE BE FOR SHOPBOP). Within the next week, we also both bought the matching pink pants and decided that we needed to do a shoot in our matching pink power suits and HERE WE ARE. It’s kind of perfect, too, since Sarah embodies ALL the girl power/lady boss vibes that have been rubbing off on me throughout the past two years. Sarah and I have a lot of the same pieces but one thing I love about our friendship is that we can style things very differently, which is awesome. I find it endearing that Sarah fully supports my sense of style and I hers even though we are totally different.
So, here’s to supporting each other. It can be hard for women, especially bloggers, to co-exist in such a competitive world without constantly comparing themselves to each other, but when you find those true friends that make you feel like the best version of yourself, you hang onto them, preferably in matching pink power suits.

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  1. Sarah Tripp
    February 12, 2018 / 10:36 am

    this is the sweetest post! so thankful for YOU and our friendship! means so much to me! love youuuuu. xx

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