Everyday Glam

Over the past year or so, I have felt my style grow much more casual. I haven’t really been splurging on a ton of “for the blog only” pieces (you know, the pieces that I own that are totally fabulous but that I ONLY wear for the blog) and I feel really good about that. I have also felt my daily looks shift much more toward jeans and I have been super into it. At the moment, I feel the most confident in a good fitting pair of jeans, like the ones I am wearing about from Reformation, and a fun top. This look just feels more “me” these days and I couldn’t be happier.
Now, this doesn’t mean that I won’t be wearing statement pieces on the blog anymore. I still love dressing up as the next blogger, but I just think it’s important to show you guys a true depiction of my personal style as it evolves over time. Take this statement top for example. I love that it’s fancier than the tops I normally wear but when paired with jeans, it makes a more casual statement that feels appropriate for day use as well as night use. Throw your favorite blazer over the top and you are good to go! Couldn’t you see yourself wearing this outfit for Valentine’s Day? I sure could! Pieces that offer a lot of versatility are definitely ones that I am drawn to and will continue to love for years to come.

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