Gucci Gang


It’s probably not going to come as a big surprise that I am a bit Gucci obsessed. My deep love for Gucci started when I purchased my beloved embroidered Princetown loafers and our passionate affair has only grown deeper. Over the past year or so, us Gucci lovers have been introduced to Bootleg Gucci, aka fake Gucci, which has grown quite popular in the fashion community. At first I found this funny since knockoffs are usually a big no-no in the world of high fashion. However, even Gucci themselves are creating new merch inspired by vintage Bootleg Gucci items that were popular in the 80’s and 90’s, which is so awesome. I love the Gucci is in on this and this makes these types of items that much more fun. The only downside is these pieces are not cheap. Even the sweatshirt that I’m wearing with $80 but I’ve seen pieces that are going for $100 + and people are buying them!
My first encounter with Bootleg Gucci was at Afterlife Boutique, which is located in San Francisco on Valencia St. Since I live really close to Valencia, Jonny and I are pretty much walking this street all the time. Afterlife Boutique had their Bootleg Gucci items right in front of their store so that if anyone walked by, these beauts would catch their eyes. Well, this brilliant product placement worked on me and I immediately went in to check them out. With so many sweatshirts and every color under the sun to pick from, I was in heaven. I was Instastorying while I was picking out my own sweatshirt and I can’t even tell you how many messages I got from all of you. Even my bestie Sarah texted me from church to ask about buying one (I put one on hold for her and she went to pick it up later that day!). It was crazy! Afterlife Boutique sold out and I love seeing all of you rocking your Bootleg Gucci! It honestly feels like I started a mini Bootleg Gucci trend right here in SF and I love it. I’ve always said that fashion is meant to be fun and Bootleg Gucci is the epitome of fun fashion.

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