How to make a statement in Zebra print

The short answer to this how-to? JUST WEAR IT! I have actually never owned anything Zebra print so this pattern is new to me and I am REALLY loving it. It could be that I have always loved black and white so this particular Anine Bing cardigan very much calls to me but really, I find this sweater coat to be incredibly chic. I realize that prints can be overwhelming to most, especially ones as bold as this, which is why I kept the rest of my outfit very low key and casual with a simple black turtleneck, black jeans, and my favorite combat boots. By keeping the rest of the outfit my understated, it really brings all the attention to the sweater coat.

I bought this sweater coat after attending the Anine Bing San Francisco store opening where I finally got to see this beauty in person. I had been casually stalking it for weeks and when I was able to finally see it for myself with my own eyes, I knew it had to find it’s way into my closet. To be honest, San Francisco has been having quite a long Indian Summer and I really haven’t been able to to wear it yet, which is such a bummer. BUT, Jonny and I are heading to NYC next week for our baby moon and you better believe this beauty will be traveling with me.

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