Sweater Dresses are a Pregnant lady’s BFF

Sweater dresses are my new BFFs. No really, even though I’ve always loved them, I have grown to appreciate them so much more since I’ve become pregnant. Not only are they insanely comfortable to wear but they are also very easy to layer under winter coats and other accessories and this beauty from Hatch is no exception. Before I got pregnant, I remember seeing ads for Hatch on Instagram and also heard many of my friends raving about them as well. From first glance, I was really impressed with their inventory. Nothing was boring. In fact, everything was insanely chic. Yes, their prices may be higher than other maternity retailers but the quality of their items are incredible. Everything is made from the softest fabrics and while their pieces are cut for maternity, I truly believe that most of their inventory could be worn post pregnancy, which I am ALL for. I was very honored to be gifted this beautiful sweater dress from the Hatch team and I have already worn it quite a few times, especially since our Bay Area temps are (slowly) starting to drop a bit (yay!). However, I know this will be a staple piece for me during my pregnancy and beyond because of how well made it is. I love the button detail and the beautiful color. Plus, it’s so dang soft that it feels like you’re wearing a cloud. I don’t know if it’s pregnancy but I feel like I am much more sensitive to itchier materials so if I can feel like I’m wearing a soft cloud during this pregnancy, I am ALL for it.

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