What’s my favorite go-to item when I want something effortless and chic? A JUMPSUIT, OF COURSE. It really doesn’t get easier than a jumpsuit when it comes to summer dressing. However, not all jumpsuits are created equal. I am very particular when buying jumpsuits because I am tall (a lot of cropped jumpsuits hit me at an awkward length, inseam wise), I never want anything too thin (no one needs to see my Hanky Panky thong), and they need to be easy to get in and out of. Enter this perfect & Other Stories jumpsuit. Not only is it white (my go-to color for summer) but the denim material is thick but not constricting. In fact, it’s very comfortable to move around in AND get in and out of. I am always looking for denim jumpsuits because I like how causal they feel, and this one definitely fits the bill.

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