Meet Trunk Club, Your New BFF

When it comes to style, you better believe I am very tuned into what’s trending. Every season, there are always a few trends that make their way into my own personal style more than others. Together with Trunk Club and San Francisco Magazine, I am focusing on four specific spring and summer style trends that you NEED to know about.

Before we dive in, let me tell you a bit about the genius that is Trunk Club. Raise your virtual hand if you hate trying on clothes in horribly lit (and usually very tiny) dressing rooms (if your hand is not raised, I need to know your secrets on how to make them work for me because I avoid them with everything I have). However, Trunk Club has figured out a solution to this problem by setting you up with a personal virtual stylist and sending you on trend (and seasonly appropriate!) items right to your doorstep. Now, Trunk Club is very dialed in to what is current and trending (they carry some of my very favorite designers, which I have found to be rare with clothing delivery services) but they actually turn to YOU to tell them what types of items you prefer. Are you a midi or mini skirt person? Do you prefer skinny or straight cut jeans? Do you rock low cut or high cut tops? All of these preferences are taken into account when Trunk Club packs up your perfectly tailored to you box. As someone who can be indecisive about clothing, I love that Trunk Club mails you options to try on in the comfort of your own home so that you can make decisions about what you like and what you don’t without feeling rushed or pressured into buying things that you don’t want to buy. Genius!

When Trunk Club wanted to partner with San Francisco Magazine to highlight the trends that I am loving for this season, I was very excited to share my insights…and to gush about them to all of you so that when you are shopping for yourself this spring and summer (or maybe signing up for your first Trunk Club delivery!), you can keep an eye out for my favorite trends and try them out!

Let’s get to the trends I am loving, shall we? For spring and summer style, I always gravitate toward florals of any kind. Once the weather warms up, you can find me wearing colorful florals non stop because they feel so fresh after months of darker winter palettes. Additionally, this year I surprised myself by gravitating toward hair accessories, specifically headbands. I. CANNOT. GET. ENOUGH. I feel like they add such a chic touch to any outfit and as they continue to gain popularity, you will be able to find them in all different shapes and colors to pair with all your looks this summer. Last but not least, one trend that I will never tire of is the timeless look of black and white outfits. From polka dots to gingham, black and white looks will always appear effortless and chic, which are two outfit requirements I like to stick to.

If you are feeling like changing up your style and/or trying out new pieces, give Trunk Club a try. Not only is it super convenient to fit any lifestyle, but I guarantee trying on new clothes in the comfort of your own home is a game changer that everyone can get on board with.

Thank you to Trunk Club for sponsoring this post.

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