Pink Power Pants

I like pink. I really do. BUT I feel like the pink things I own just kind of sit in my closet even though I love them. Why is that? It’s such a weird thing to me. HOWEVER, I saw these pants right before I left for Paris and I made Jonny drive me downtown to Zara to buy them (thank you, Jonny!). I used to shy away from pants at Zara because I never felt like the fit was great for girls with a butt and thighs, but I have to say, I have bought three pairs of pants from Zara this season and they all fit shockingly well and I am HERE FOR IT. Color is all the rage this season and I am finding that I have been incorporating it way more into my wardrobe than seasons past. I tend to be more of a neutrals girl, especially in summer, and even though I will still wear my fair share of neutrals (don’t you worry!), I am finding it fun to add splashes of statement colors here and there. Even during our Paris trip, I found that most of my outfits were centered around a fun color, like yellow, pink, and blue. I felt refreshed and inspired by wearing more statement color outfits and I think I’m going to continue that right into summer.

When we went to Paris, we had a huge list of places that we wanted to see and places where we wanted to eat. Cafe du Flore was OF COURSE one of these places because it’s pretty popular. I have to say, I try to stay away from touristy places when I travel, but Cafe du Flore exceeded my expectations and I thought it was a really fun place to sit and hang out while we rested our hard working walking feet. I would highly recommend stopping by if you are in Paris and don’t forget to get a fun photo-op right out in front!

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  1. Bumma
    May 4, 2019 / 5:59 am

    Great great post. Luv the photo’s and especially taken with your addition of colors into your wardrobe. Outstanding!

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