Lady In Red


Maybe it’s the recent passing of 4th of July, but I just cannot seem to get enough red in my wardrobe lately. I have always been drawn to red. Starting from a young age, my parents told me I am a “winter,” meaning I look best in deep, vibrant colors due to my skin tone and hair color. Not to sound conceited, but I also think that I look good in red but I rarely wear it. I don’t know what it is. There is something about the color that I am drawn to but I don’t feel super confident wearing it (aka I rarely pull out the red pieces in my closet). However, I have noticed that I have been incorporating much more red into my daily outfits and I am really starting to love wearing this color because it makes me feel bold AF. By nature, I have not always been bold and that was reflected in my style choices. However, blogging has really helped me come out of my shell because how I am supposed to encourage you all to wear outside the box when I don’t do the same thing for myself?! Anyway, red. It’s a color I love and it’s a color I want to start wearing more. Cool? Cool.

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