Visor Me, Baby

Never in a million years did I think I would own a straw visor. I love hats but I often don’t wear them because I’m the kind of girl that wears something for the entire day and doesn’t like taking a hat on and off depending on where the day takes me. Plus, have you heard of hat hair? Yeah, hat hair is intense for me so I need to be careful when it comes to wearing hats. Before Ariana and I went to Quebec, she told me that she bought a straw visor. Intrigued, I had her send me the link and I decided to copy her and buy the same one for myself. Since I am all about sun protection (I’m a sunscreen hoarder and I live in the shade!), I thought a visor would be a perfect addition to my hat collection because it’s not a full hat. I will say, I still feel a little extra when I’m wearing this visor but I really love the shape and the feel of it. It’s SUPER comfortable and fits my head very well. Plus, my head never feels too hot and the hat hair doesn’t seem to exist with this particular visor. SCORE! I ended up wearing this visor in Quebec and have worn a few time around the city and it’s safe to say…I’m in love. Ah fashion, just when you say you’ll never wear something, it comes flying into your wardrobe and then you can’t imagine your life without it.

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