Layer Me Up

Newsflash! It’s been freezing cold in San Francisco. No, that’s not an exaggeration. Well, okay, maybe it’s been really really really cold and not “freezing” cold but STILL. It’s COLD. Anyway, my favorite solution for those chilly days is to layer it up so you can at least look cute while freezing your booty off. If you remember way back to summer time (ah, it seems but a distant memory at this point), I bought a pink Doen sweater that I was obsessed with. I wore it all the time and it was perfect for layering over everything. So, when I saw Doen’s fall line come out with this gorgeous fall sweater, I had to get it and you know what? It’s perfection. I love the cropped length (perfect for wearing with dresses and skirts) and the color is stunning. There are a few brands that do knitwear well and Doen is one of them. Their sweaters are handmade and they only make limited quantities of each piece, which makes them even more special. With that said, you’ll probably see me layering this beauty all winter long because it truly makes the perfect accompaniment to every outfit.

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