Not So Basic Classics

I kind of have this thing for pants. As much as I love jeans, pants have this soft spot in my heart because they are just so…classic. I can’t help but feel like any outfit of mine is elevated when I wear a pair of pants, especially a fun pair like these plaid babies. I really wanted a pair of plaid pants this fall and winter and I feel like these pants are not only perfect for the holiday season but a pair that is so timeless that I would wear year round. The are wool so might be a little heavy in the spring and summer but it can get pretty chilly in SF at night even during those seasons so you never know(Karl the Fog sure knows how to ruin a warm night *le sigh*). This season, I am really digging gold/tan/brown tones and finding that a lot of my wardrobe is starting to work very well together, which deeply pleases me. Even though I still love adding trending pieces to my looks, I can’t help but revert back to the classic pieces, like these pants and coat combo that will be with me for years to come.

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