Liquid Gold



When I first laid eyes on that gold silk top, I fell in LOVE with it. Not only is the gold the most perfect muted shade, but it literally looks like you’re wearing liquid gold. While these are two reasons that pushed me to ultimately splurge on this top, the main reason I loved it so much was how easy it was to wear it. It honestly feels like you’re wearing a t-shirt, it’s THAT comfortable. I actually try to stay away from satin and silk tops because I didn’t think they were very flattering on me. However, this one draped perfectly when tucked in, which is a MIRACLE, and it’s just the right amount of oversized without swallowing me up completely.
On a side note, I feel like I go through periods where I feel like I have no tops to wear. It’s the weirdest thing that happens to me a few times a year and I’ll find myself wearing the same two tops over and over again. This season, I have been trying really hard to find tops that are not boring and transition well with the rest of my wardrobe so that I can prevent this top problem. If you are looking to add a beautiful top to your wardrobe that you are guaranteed to reach for time and again, splurge on this top. It’s waaaaaay worth every penny.

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